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Our Values

\\ We Create Innovative Products

At the heart of Constant Mountain is a drive to solve problems. We believe in innovation that’s matched with thoughtful design focused on the way customers will use our products in everyday life and brought to life through quality, well-made construction that meets the highest standards of practice.

\\ We Design With Enduring Style

Constant Mountain products are designed and built to last, providing use and value over the long term. We believe in functional fashion with a design approach that emphasizes functionality and durability alongside style and a manufacturing process that employs high quality materials and craftsmanship for a long useful life.

\\ We Produce Responsibily

Constant Mountain is committed to producing in a manner that is responsible for the community and the environment. Right now, our products incorporate sustainable materials as much as possible and it is our goal to move to fully sustainable fabrics as textile technology improves. We are also committed to ethical sourcing from locations and suppliers who respect their workers by providing a safe work environment and fair compensation.

\\ We Help Build Community

We understand that we all belong to a shared global community and work to be a good citizen and support causes that make the world a better place.  That starts with respecting our customers and delivering what we promise. It goes hand in hand with delivering high quality and responsible production.

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